Impact of KVK

Impact of KVK on Crop production Farming Population

  1. Use of High yielding varieties of crops.
  2. Use balanced fertilizers in crops.
  3. Seed production of Wheat, Mustard etc.
  4. Weed control in crops.
  5. Use of trace elements in crops

Impact of KVK on Horticulture Farming Population

  1. High yielding varieties of Vegetables.
  2. Use balanced fertilizers in Vegetables.
  3. Nursery raising of vegetables in raised seed bed/poly house.
  4. Use of Borax and Sulphur in Potato to protect crop from frost and cracking of tubers.
  5. Rejuvenation of old orchards of Guava.
  6. Transplanting method of vegetables / Marigold .
  7. Protective cultivation of vegetables in off -season.

Impact of KVK (Livestock production) on Farming Population

  1. Milk Production Technology.
  2. Deworming/Vaccination technology.
  3. Balance Green fodder production technology.
  4. Management of animals.
  5. Diseases management.

Impact of KVK (Plant protection) on Farming Population

  1. Late blight in potato by Cymoxnil & Reidomil.
  2. Biological Control of Parthenium by Maxican Bettle.
  3. Termite control through Bio-agent B. bassina.
  4. Control of Root and Stem rot disease in Mustard by Seed treatment through Trichoderma Powder.
  5. Control of weeds in crops.
  6. Seed and soil treatment against soil/seed born diseases.

Impact of KVK (Soil Science) on Farming Population

  1. Use balanced fertilizers in crops.
  2. Preparation of Vermi-compost / biofertilizers.
  3. Soil testing.
  4. Use of sulphur in Mustard and Borax in Potato.
  5. Use of trace elements in crops.